Oil, Gas & Energy Regulations & Compliance

Bradley Murchison’s energy lawyers work closely with all related governmental entities including the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, the State Mineral Board, Public Service Commission, the Office of Conservation, Pipeline Safety, and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.

We have extensive experience practicing before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and other local, state and federal regulatory agencies. We know how to guide our midstream, intrastate and interstate natural gas and oil pipeline clients through complex energy-related contracting matters and often daunting regulations, procedures, audits and enforcement actions. Additionally, we can assist shippers and customers of oil and gas pipelines and midstream companies in negotiating and structuring contracts and providing representation of their interests in FERC proceedings. 

Our experience in regulatory and compliance services extends to: 

  •  Providing regulatory analysis of proposed or specific transactions; 
  •  Developing regulatory strategy for midstream, intrastate/Section 311 and interstate natural gas and oil pipeline companies; 
  •  Structuring contracts for interstate, intrastate and Section 311 natural gas pipeline; transportation services, including precedent agreements for infrastructure projects, interconnection agreements and transportation service agreements; 
  •  Managing FERC construction proceedings, including preparation of Section 7(c) certificate applications, prior notice applications under blanket construction certificates, and associated pleadings, as well as working with FERC Staff; 
  •  Representation of clients in rate and tariff proceedings, including preparation of pleadings, reports and other filings; 
  •  Providing on-site or web-based counseling, training and guidance to management and compliance groups within companies regarding FERC compliance and enforcement; 
  •  Establishing and implementing FERC Compliance Plans, including developing implementation procedures required by FERC Standards of Conduct and best practices; 
  •  Performing compliance reviews and updates to manuals and materials; and 
  •  Administering internal and external compliance investigations and reporting.


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