Energy & Natural Resources

Over four decades, BMKS energy attorneys have built a longstanding tradition of providing quality legal representation in many facets of the oil and gas business in the region. The firm’s energy attorneys have served as advisors and advocates for clients in the following areas:

  • Oil, Gas & Energy Litigation
    • The BMKS litigation attorneys regularly represent clients in courtrooms and in alternative dispute resolution arenas
      • Mineral owner / surface owner claims
      • Royalty audit disputes
      • Contracts Disputes and Enforcement
  • Oil & Gas Title
    • We regularly issue complex title opinions on mineral and lignite surface mining; acquisition; drill site; and division orders on lands on the Outer continental Shelf (Federal Offshore) and in the State of Louisiana (Public and Private Onshore)
  • Oil & Gas Business Transactions and Operations
    • Our attorneys have subject matter expertise in the prosecution of various energy transactions for oil & gas companies and investors, including Assets and Company Mergers, Acquisition, and Divestiture and New Resource Project Development and Finance
    • Upstream
      • We provide counsel spanning field life, in the onshore and offshore arenas, to operators and non-operators, investors, and other entities with regard to the exploration, exploitation, development, production and abandonment of oil, gas and other natural resource plays
      • Our Energy attorneys negotiate, draft, interpret, and manage for clients:  Area of Mutual Interest Agreements; Exploration Agreements; Farm-Out Agreements; Participation Agreements; Seismic Exploration Agreements; Joint Operating Agreements; Unit Operating Agreements; Joint Development Agreements; Drilling and Master Service Agreements; Abandonment Agreements
    • Midstream
      • Our attorneys have many years of experience counseling pipeline and platform owners and operators, contractors, and gathering facilities owners and operators in relation to the acquisition of rights to locate or relocate such facilities.
      • Our Energy attorneys negotiate draft, interpret, and manage for clients:  Federal Right of Ways Assignments; Right of Use and Easement Applications; Platform Use Agreements; Production Handling Agreements; Gathering Processing and Dedication Agreements; Transportation and Marketing Agreements; Pipeline Construction Agreements; Leases of Platform Space
  • Energy Regulation & Compliance
    • Federal
      • Our attorneys have demonstrable experience assisting oil and gas companies, investors, individuals, pipeline companies, and other business entities in resolving issues with federal entities including prosecuting their rights before such agencies; guiding regulatory compliance; providing government relations services at the federal, state and local levels to clients in their various interactions with regulatory bodies;
      • Our Energy attorneys handle matters such as regulatory compliance and filing with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management relative to Oil & Gas Assignments, Designations of Operators, Primary and Supplemental Financial Assurance; disputes related to unitization, high bids rejections, decommissioning assessment liabilities, and producibility in paying quantities with the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement; Orders to pay Delay Rental or Royalties disputes with the Office of Natural Resources Revenues; appeals before the Interior Board of Lands Appeals with the Office of Hearings and Appeals;
    • State and Parishes
      • We also work closely with all related governmental entities including the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, the State Mineral and Energy Board, Public Service Commission, the Office of Conservation, Pipeline Safety, and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality ("LDEQ").
      • We handle such matters as state lease acquisition and assignments with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources;
We continue to work with our clients in connection with issues and opportunities presented by the on-going development of the natural resources underlying the great state of Louisiana, as well as in East Texas and Southern Arkansas. Our attorneys have served as project counsel in the development and operation of the first commercial lignite surface mine operation in Louisiana, an operation which involved the development and production of lignite underlying over 30,000 acres in northwest Louisiana. Similarly, the commercial, in-house and years of experience of our Energy attorneys continue to play a key role in the support we provide clients in the various aspects of their engagement in the Outer Continental Shelf (Gulf of Mexico Region, Pacific Region, newly open Mexico licenses).  Our attorneys include past and present members of the Louisiana Mineral Law Institute, the state's principal promoter of education and development of mineral law.

Bradley Murchison has been recognized by Chambers USA since 2013 as a Leading Law Firm in Energy & Natural Resources Law. Additionally, firm partners are individually recognized by Chambers USA for Energy & Natural Resources. Several of the firm’s partners have been recognized by Best Lawyers® for Energy & Natural Resources, Oil & Gas Law and Mining Law. Many have also been recognized by Super Lawyers® in the Energy Practice Area.



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