At Bradley Murchison, we recognize each person is an important part of the organization's success. The firm offers an environment where hard work is balanced with congeniality; thus, providing a solid foundation for excellent legal service.


What are Bradley Murchison's hiring criteria?

Bradley Murchison does most of its hiring from its comprehensive Summer Associate Program for second year students in its Shreveport, New Orleans and Baton Rouge offices. The firm also hires lateral associates and special counsel. We look for every opportunity to welcome partners who share our vision for professionalism, team work, and exceptional service to our clients. Bradley Murchison bases its initial hiring decisions on campus and office interviews. Although academic excellence is extremely important in making hiring decisions, other factors are taken into consideration, as well. Interpersonal skills and extra-curricular activities also weigh heavily in the hiring process. We generally hire summer clerks who stand out from other students, both personally and academically. We focus our recruiting on students who have excelled in their law school classes, and we look favorably upon students who participate in law review or other academically challenging activities.

What role does minority recruiting play at the firm?

Bradley Murchison is committed to hiring and retaining attorneys of diverse backgrounds and experiences. We welcome applicants who can add to our increasingly diverse group. We believe that diversity is achieved through recruitment, and we encourage minority students to participate in our on-campus interviewing process or apply with us directly.

What should I expect from the Summer Associate Program?

Our summer program is the hiring ground for the large majority of our new lawyers. Both offices offer a six week clerkship usually covering the first half or the second half of the summer. The clerkship is designed to provide in-depth insight into the firm, our lawyers, our clients, and the firm's role in the community. We attempt to introduce summer clerks into all areas of our practice, by exposing them to client conferences, depositions, closings and court appearances.

The summer program also includes a number of social events that enable the summer clerks and lawyers to become better acquainted. Most of our summer events are designed to help familiarize our summer clerks with Shreveport or New Orleans, showing them all that the cities have to offer.

Bradley Murchison has a unique atmosphere. Every lawyer is interested in your well-being while you are working at our firm. You can ask anyone anything!

If we do not visit your campus, you may send a resume to Jerald N. Jones, our Recruiting Coordinator.

Jerald N. Jones
Recruiting Partner
301 Main St., Suite 2100
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70825
(225) 490-5002


Employment Opportunities

To provide our clients with the highest quality legal services, Bradley Murchison employs a highly skilled support staff. Our support staff is an integral part of our legal services team and makes a meaningful contribution to client service. Bradley Murchison employs support staff in the following areas:

Bradley Murchison offers competitive compensation and benefits and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To Apply

For more information or to apply for any available positions, contact us at:
Bradley Murchison Kelly & Shea
ATTN: Scott Barron
401 Edwards Street, Suite 1000
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101-5529




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New Orleans

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